The court resurfacing project is complete - all courts are now open!

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Renovations and Upgrades Include:

  • A new 7-court tennis complex
  • Post-tensioned concrete
  • New lighting systems on timers
  • Luxury landscaping
  • Spectator seating
  • Online reservations

Top Notch Upgrades in 2014

Most of us have used the Yavapai College tennis courts as our main place to play the game for years and years, and the last 6 months it's been closed to now be rebuilt and opened in a manner we can all be proud of. Additionally, an allowance to put together tennis programs that will compliment this tennis jewel with local tennis professionals that are excited to make new things happen!

Thanks to our Sponsors

We would like to acknowledge our following donors who contributed to the construction of the complex

  • Terri Abady
  • Ben Andre
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Robert Arbuckle
  • Suzanne Attwood
  • Karen Spear & David Babbitt
  • Neil & Sherry Merino
  • Pat Bath
  • June Benson
  • Blanche Berkowitz
  • Judd & Belinda Bessey
  • Robert & Patty Bessey
  • Jean Blyth
  • Eric Bourdon
  • Temmy Bowler
  • Marvin Bowman
  • Barbara Briseno
  • Diane Brock
  • Carl & Marion Brown
  • Stewart & Esther Brown
  • Roger & Janice Brown
  • Lindsay Buroker
  • Irene Callaci
  • Ronald & Shirley Campbell
  • Charles & Margaret Carey
  • Doris Carroll
  • Alvin Carter Jr.
  • James & Lynne Chamberlin
  • Jeffrey Champ
  • Margery Chase
  • Mary Cobey
  • Thomas & Kathleen Collins
  • Dr. James & Elizabeth Cook
  • Tommy & Judith Crimmins
  • Mike & Laura Crimmins
  • David & Norma Daehler
  • Marc & Julie Darr
  • Lorraine Del Re
  • Bryan & Karen Elliott
  • Catherine Englekirk
  • John & Lavina Ewing
  • Maurice & Terri Farneti
  • Janet & Wolfgang Fischer
  • Susan Drown
  • Amy Foreste
  • Pemila Fowler
  • Patricia H. Fox
  • Robin Fox
  • Edward Free
  • Jonathan & Amy Fung
  • John & Linda Gage
  • Michael & Martha Galbreath
  • Ralph & Joyce Gardner
  • Peter Genereaux
  • Warren & Monna Goodman
  • John & Keven Goodwin
  • Betty Greer
  • Wally & Judy Grewe
  • Helene & Philip Gross
  • MaryAnn Guerriero
  • Ronald Hanson
  • George & Glenda Harrell
  • Janis Hasse
  • Jeff Henderson
  • Margaret T. Morris Foundation
  • Prescott Import Car Service
  • The Loomas Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
  • Prescott Area Tennis Association
  • USTA NAZ District
  • Perry & Sandy Massie
  • Fay Matsumoto
  • Myrna McDonald
  • Tim & Kristi McFarlan
  • Dick & Vicki McGaw
  • Cecilia McGuire
  • Gary & Kathleen McLargin
  • John & Rosemary Medina
  • Joan & Wayne Melquist
  • Natalie Fisher
  • Richard & Louise Merring
  • Andrea Meyer
  • Gordon & Joyce Michel
  • Robert & Cindy Miller
  • Lorelee Miller
  • Warren Miller
  • Millie Ryan's Tennis Legacy
  • Sidney & Edna Moglewer
  • Enah Stone
  • Orlo & June Jantz
  • Randall Judd
  • Thomas & Karen Julius
  • David & Norma Justice
  • Linda Ketchum
  • James & Nancee Kilbourne
  • Warren Kingsbury
  • Sue Knaup
  • Roger & Paula Kneisl
  • John & Elizabeth Komorowski
  • Susan Korte
  • Chris Lacascio
  • Don Langford
  • Jill & Patrick Lavin
  • Mickey White & Nancy Lefler
  • Daniel & Robbin Lenardon
  • Gerald & Susan Leonard
  • Neal Levi
  • Jim & Marie Love
  • Anne Badger
  • Frank & Catherine Marco
  • Dr. Everett D. Hendricks
  • Ron Samuelson & Sally Hess-Samuelson
  • Bob Hodges
  • Jeffrey Hoekstra
  • Randy & Kristine Holt
  • Debra Honeycutt
  • John & Carol Houston
  • Chris & Adriana Howard
  • Wayne & Candace Howell
  • Craig Hunter
  • Billy & Mary Alice Hunter
  • Rodney Hurlbert
  • Nathan & Vicki Hussey
  • James & Bridget Irish
  • Robert Moore
  • Charles & Isabelle Morrison
  • Thomas & Gerri Mulvihill
  • Cheryl Murrieta
  • Elizabeth Murrieta
  • Paul & Jean Nebel
  • Thomas & Margaret Nelson
  • Island Fitness Center
  • Southwest Tennis Foundation
  • A1 Property Management
  • Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
  • European Auto Technicians LLC
  • Nannette Oatley Johnson & Lewis Johnson
  • John & Jayne O'Brien
  • Gary Ohrn
  • Martin Otting
  • Warner & Barbara Owen
  • Larry & Geneta Plaster
  • Larry Plaster
  • Charles & Patty Pollock
  • Michael & Sharon Popowniak
  • Peggy Poston
  • Richard & Marcia Reinhart
  • Charles & Ofelia Rhodes
  • William & Kelly Robbiano
  • Chesley Ross
  • Michael & Sandy Rubin
  • Doug Ruhland
  • Thomas & Mary Ruloff
  • Dr. Paul & Donna Sadick
  • Daniel & Anita Salcito
  • LInda & Joseph Sampson
  • Marjut Schreiber
  • Nancy Seaman
  • R. Clayton Seaman Jr.
  • Don & Billie Sedan
  • Robert & Alice Sehnert
  • Robert & Eileen Shull
  • Jeffrey Sikes
  • Roseann Sisco
  • Wendalyn Smith & Roger Douglas
  • Donald Snyder
  • Joseph Soldwedel
  • Chuck & Heidi Sorensen
  • Whitey & Nicole Sorenson
  • Karen Spear & David Babbit
  • Jean Sperry
  • Harry Mark St. John III
  • Robert Steele
  • G & L Steiner
  • Audrey Mae
  • Loretta Struver
  • Thomas & Kaye Sullivan
  • "Bill Swahlen, III"
  • Dawn Teal
  • Anita Thomas
  • Gene & Toni Tomek
  • Hunter Townsend
  • David & Sylvia Tucker
  • Anne A. Twente
  • Ardith Urban
  • John & Brynna Valenzuela
  • Gail Wagner
  • Marshal Waller & Arlene Treiber
  • Arlene Warren
  • Lucinda Wead
  • Susy & Bob Whann
  • Dana Wingate
  • James Winge
  • Richard & Loretta Wright
  • Elizabeth York
  • Dolores Yox
  • John & Larua Zambrano
  • Allison Wood
  • Anna L. Davis

Tennis Complex Use Etiquette

  • Courtesy to all players and proper use of the facility is appreciated
  • Courts are designed for only tennis related activities
  • Appropriate footwear is required (non-marking soles)
  • Prior online reservations are encouraged. Court availability will be posted online and at the courts
    (Yavapai College classes and activities will take priority)
  • Allow time to conclude your game and depart the court on schedule
  • Yavapai College reserves the right to close courts due to safety concerns, inclement weather, maintenance and/or repairs, and scheduled events (check reservation sheet and video camera)
  • We love our pets, but they are not allowed on the tennis court - or unleashed crowd the courts
  • Independent individual or group instruction is permitted with approval
  • What is your NTRP Rating

Tournaments and Events

Are you a "Working Tennis Player" and can only player after 5:30pm? -Spring -Summer -Fall

If you're a time restricted working tennis player and would like to get some hits in after 5:30 p.m. - no matter your ability level, please send an e-mail to with your name and ability level. We'd like to star playing groups in the evenings starting at 5:30 to 6 p.m. if we have enough players to do so. With our new facility and great lights the spring, summer and fall weather makes evening play very possible - but we do need YOU!

Looking to learn the game of tennis or get back at it?

Register in a Yavapai College tennis class in the Spring, Summer or Fall sessions

Local Tennis Websites
Prescott Tennis Associaition | Southwest USTA | USTA NAZ

Yavapai College Tennis Complex Snow Clearing Procedure

Yavapai College is pleased to offer the use of our state-of-the-art tennis complex to our students and the community. The complex includes 7 beautiful courts, spectator seating, plenty of parking and great views. Online reservations are available.

The Yavapai College Facilities Management Team has the sole responsibility for maintaining the complex and makes every effort to keep the courts open and ready for play. Occasionally, storm, maintenance or other conditions make the courts unavailable for brief periods. The College is committed to keeping these periods as short as possible. In extreme circumstances, such as significant accumulations of snow or ice, the complex will be cleared after the balance of the campus has been treated. In rare instances this may cause the courts to be unavailable for up to 2-3 days. The gates may be locked during these periods for everyone's safety and to allow Facilites undisturbed access. In addition, during College closure normal facility services may be unavailable. The Faciliities team will make the determination on when the courts are safe and available for use. Please check the reservations webpage for notice of closures.

Due to the specialized surface and nature of the complex, individuals, although well meaning, may not be properly trained in snow and ice removal or the special tools and techniques required for these surfaces. Rock salt and other chemicals cannot be used ans specific shovels, brooms and rollers are needed and must be used in a prescribed way. Our Facilities team has the tools and training to maintain the courts along with the supervision to assure the job is done right.

No employees, students, instructors, patrons or volunteers, other than those from the Facilities team, are permitted to perform any maintenance, repair, snow or ice removal. Patrons may use "water rollers" or squeegees (provided by the College) to address small puddles if necessary. No other tools, shovels, rollers or chemicals are permitted on the courts except those in use by Facilities personnel.

Your cooperation with these rules will help us properly maintain the complex and keep it a safe and enjoyable place to play and learn.